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== Discussion Begins == == Discussion Begins ==

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Starting Comments

Many groups had workshops co-located with conferences.


We have about 10 workshops per year co-located with the conference (on the "workshop day", the day after the main conference ends). Turnout is very good, at all levels of the community (junior to senior).


SIGPLAN conferences tend to have many workshops co-located with conferences, often as many as six or seven. There are some number of stand alone workshops, but not so many.


On balance, are these other venues effect for advancing your field?
What mechanisms, if any, do you use allow good papers from these venues to later achieve wider dissemination?
Crazy ideas sessions were discussed above under NON-INCREMENTAL. There are numerous co-located and stand-alone workshops in software engineering. Regrettably many of these are becoming more like conferences, with solicitation and publication of conference-length papers, and serial presentation of conference-length talks. Thus it is difficult for papers from these workshops to receive any wider dissemination than they receive as papers in the workshop proceedings, since any attempt to submit similar ideas and text to a conference would be viewed as a re-submission of published work.


The security field, in general, already has a large number of events wordwide. Additional stand-alone workshops will add to the already significant fragmentation. We believe that co-located workshops work well in the sense that they add flexibility: new, hot topics can be introduced while old stale areas can be discontinued without affecting he community in an adverse manner.


workshop co-located at conferences - our conferences include a range of tutorials on new and emerging ideas.
stand-alone workshops - in computer science education, CCSC and other groups sponsor quite a number of regional conferences. SIGCSE is in cooperation with these. Since these have a strong following, SIGCSE has not seen any reason to try to duplicate them.


workshop co-located at conferences - Yes we do this, to encourage attendance at the main event and also give a venue for work-in-progress.
Workshops are a generally positive phenomenon, increasing the places where experimental research can get heard.


SIGGRAPH typically hosts about three co-located symposia or workshops. In addition, the Educator's Program is a stand-alone workshop/symposium within the conference. However, there are plans to increase the number of co-located venues significantly for 2007 and beyond.


Workshops have been always an important part of OOPSLA. For the last 4 years OOPSLA has been co-located with other conferences. In addition, OOPSLA has tracks such as the Educators' and Doctoral Symposia that are stand alone. For a few years OOPSLA sponsored a mid-year series of workshops as separate meetings. They achieved moderate success, but the idea died when its champion stepped down.



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