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CS 2001 Interim Review Contents


Chapter one             Introduction

1.1 Consultation process
1.2 Indicators for change
1.3 Important contextual considerations
1.4 Structure of the interim report

Chapter two             Principles

Chapter three             Developments

3.1 Recent trends
3.2 Summarising the changes
      3.2.1 Knowledge areas
      3.2.2 Additional adjustments
      3.2.3 Renaming of knowledge units
3.3 Addressing the crisis
3.4 Concluding comment

Chapter four             Program of study specifications

4.1 On learning objectives
      4.1.1 On the nature of learning objectives
4.2 Characteristics of graduates
4.3 International considerations
      4.3.1 Some basic issues
      4.3.2 Additional concerns
      4.3.3 Concluding remarks

Chapter five             Course considerations

5.1 The core
5.2 Introductory courses
5.3 Relationship to two-year college programs
5.4 Organising principles

Chapter six             Reflections on the computing crisis

6.1 Background
6.2 Applications domains
6.3 Contextual issues
6.4 Pedagogical considerations

Chapter seven             The Programming Languages Issue - SIGPLAN

Chapter eight             Concluding remarks


Appendix A             Overview of the Body of Knowledge

Appendix B             Detailed Body of Knowledge

Discrete structures
Programming fundamentals
Algorithms and complexity
Architecture and organization
Operating systems
Net-centric computing
Programming languages
      Alternate SIGPLAN Proposal on Programming Languages
Human computer interaction
Graphics and visual computing
Intelligent systems
Information Management
Social and professional issues
Software engineering
Computational science

Appendix C             Course Guidance

The CS2001 Review Taskforce

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